The robe is white and white in all ages
has been deemed an emblem of purity, that virtue for which we all strive.

The basic pattern of the sleeve of the robe is square and should remind us
of the many times we have been told to make square corners in our ritualistic work.
The yoke is a continuous band representing an unbroken circle, which is our Bethel.

The entire cord wrapped around the body is as though the arms of the Master Mason
and our friends are giving us strength and courage for each day.
The twist of the cord is symbolic of praying hands - the position we were in at the altar
when we took our obligation for the first time.
The cord, when tied, forms a triangle, which is the emblem of Job's Daughters.

The robe should be worn three inches from the floor, representing the ideal family
- Father, Mother, and child. It also represents the three daughters of Job,
of whom we read about in the Holy Bible.