What is Job's Daughters

Job's Daughters International was founded for the purpose of giving girls a place. A place to grow, lead, and make a difference in their communities. In the nearly 100 years of our history, thousands of young women have been changed for the better by their involvement in Job's Daughters. Our girls enter young adulthood confidently equipped with the knowledge that they can plan an event, run a meeting, and speak well in front of others. 


Our girls are proud to be Job's Daughters. They can see how they have benefited by being members and hope to help others in the same way. When we broke down the identity of the average Job's Daughter, we found that they described themselves in three simple words: sisters, leaders, and friends.


Here is what our members say it means to be a Job’s Daughter

“Being a Job's Daughter means to be a leader; a young lady who has the skills and opportunities to express who they are.”

“Being a Job's Daughter means always having a place to be, people to see, and a second family that's there for you whenever you need it.”

“Being a Job's Daughter means paving the way for the women of tomorrow by teaching them what I've been taught through my journey in Job's Daughters..."

Each member is between the ages of 10 and 20. Previously daughters needed to be  related to a Master Mason, however recently  our bylaws changes so that girls may now be sponsored by a Mason for their membership.

Our meeting place is called a Bethel, which means, "Holy Place". 
We wear Grecian robes which are emblematic of the robes worn by the people in the time of Job. 
They are suggestive of an upward and onward trend toward high ideals.

There is nothing more fitting to a young girl than the beautiful sentiments 
expressed in the Book of Job, which indicate that in life, from early childhood to old age, 
we may encounter trials and tribulations that we must meet and overcome.